EMPIRE Textile intends to perform the best service for its customers with a very rich line of goods. Our company is one of the leading manufactures and exporter of Hotel Textile and Restaurant Textile products. Our customers are composed from hotels, hospitals, airline companies, cruise ships and thermal facilities. Hotel bathrobes, towels, linens, restaurant textiles, disposable hygienic toweling slippers,aleza... etc. laundry bags, shoes bags and shoe shiners used in hotels are amongst our wide range of products. Our quality standard is our main goal in production, all of our products are certified with BC EN ISO 9001:2008 ,TSE AND SGS quality standard. In addition, all our products are certified by international quality standard, hygienic and quality control. Our company products are manufactured 100% cotton. We custom embroidery and print according to customers specific needs with new models and designs and can use different fabrics according to customer needs. Our mission is continuous growth and development without sacrificing quality. We shall be very happy to provide you with our high quality products with the very best and competitive prices.